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   Thanks to the treasures that our backdrops guard, to the collaboration and all I hock, he is drawing on the paper of Calabria and the World a new territorial geography, that and' to the meantime the rediscovery of one more' ancient geography of historical, cultural, territorial and environmental values.

Entrata Gruppo a Bagnara



   All of this' it is able' to represent an image and an offer of our district on climbs international able to attract considerations, attentions but also resources and investments of equal level, able to create development and job in strategic sectors and today very penalized as the tourism, l ' agriculture, l ' craftsmanship, the management of the cultural good (Great Greece Poliporto Fotocamera).

    Also for this the Diving Center Stings Stylus has built an alliance with a lot of communities' and local institutions interested by the submerged treasures and not, so that' is maintained in these areas a suitable system of territorial services, in degree to answer both to the demands of the residents that to that of the visitors.

Her a lot of gainful associative initiatives not that in these years we have organized with Corporate body and with Common they testify of this friendship and of this collaboration.

L' objective and' to create a net of natural areas able to give more' effectiveness to the strategies for the maintenance of the nature and d ' to integrate the environmental politics with the other territorial politics for the sustainable development of these areas (Horns D' Elk
Fotocamera), organizing initiatives of meeting and discussion with the citizens, activity' of education, formation, solidarity', cultural demonstrations to promote the fruition of these areas.

All the activities' countersigned by the yellow Guidone Sociale of the Diving Center Stings Stylus you are been created by individuals for other individuals, in an environment characterized by socialization (In the moves it is socialized
Fotocamera) and attention for the detail, with millennial techniques, without hurry.

Whoever has developed you determine activity' he/she knows that, besides the functional beauty, they have qualcos other: an animates.




... . .......